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I deliver training to health professionals
in cognitive behaviour therapy skills.

Dr Zara Hansen

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barriers to self-management

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to work collaboratively with their patients


Please feel free to browse this website aimed at health care professionals, managers and commissioners. If you have found this website as you are seeking a CB therapist to help you with a mental health/emotional problem, then I would recommend using this directory. If you have found this website as you are looking for help managing a pain problem then I would recommend The Pain Toolkit as a great starting point.

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If you need to contact me please ring 07980 357269


Zara-Hansen_presentingI offer training for health professionals to enable them to apply the cognitive behavioural (CB) model and skills into their current practice.

The CB model can help health professionals to understand why our patients can find it hard to follow our advice, why our patients sometimes get stuck in unhelpful vicious cycles, and it can provide a framework and ideas for moving forwards together.

CBT is the leading psychological model for the treatment of mental health problems and increasingly for the management on on-going physical health problems.

Up & Coming Courses

Core skills in CBT

Date: March course postponed till May/June 2020 - venue required

Venue: London Venue TBC

Cost £230 per person to include: all course materials and refreshments. Lunch not included.

Please use contact page to register interest in this course.

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Trusts and Companies

Over the last 15 years I have trained over 2000 health professionals in CBT skills. Courses have been hosted in various locations in the UK and Ireland, and open to a wide variety of health professionals. Some of the host organisations for in-house courses are listed below.

Three organisations have had the foresight (and funding!) to run courses to train nearly their entire physiotherapy workforce: Nuffield Health (19 courses from 2007-2014 and Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust (4 courses 2013-2014, Northumbria Healthcare (6 courses 2016-2017).

I have also been fortunate to deliver courses on behalf of Health Education Seminars, the Physiotherapy Pain Association and The Association of Physiotherapists in Occupational Health and Ergonomics.