Course Levels and Options


There are 2 levels of courses, Introductory and Intermediate.

There are also 2 options, a Day rate and a Fixed rate/In-house rate (see below for details).

Up & Coming Courses

Introduction to CBT

Date: 6/7 October 2017.

Venue: The Brain Charity, Liverpool.

Cost £220 per person to include: all course materials and refreshments. Lunch not included.

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The 2-day CB Skills introductory course

The two day CB introductory course has been refined over the last 10 years and delivered to over 1600 health professionals with excellent feedback.

Professionals attending this course have included physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, dieticians, nurses, social workers, anaesthetists, and osteopaths. They have come from a wide variety of clinical areas.


This is a two day course aimed at healthcare professionals working within all specialties. Case vignettes will be used so that participants can apply the model and skills directly to their own clinical area.

By the end of the course participants will be able to use the CB model to understand potential unhelpful behaviour in patients and then be able to work with the patient to improve the efficacy of their current practice.

N.B There is a strong emphasis throughout the course on professional boundaries and as such it is necessary to point out that participants will not be ‘CBT Therapists’ or qualified to deliver ‘CBT’ after the course. They will however be able to use a CB approach within their current professional practice.

Time Course Content
9am Course registration / Tea and Coffee
  • CBT background and evidence base
  • When to use a CB approach
  • CBT longitudinal model
  • Professional boundaries
10.30 Break
  • Thinking errors
  • Thought challenging exercise
12.30 Lunch
  • Vicious cycles relevant in healthcare
  • Depression, health anxiety, panic disorder
  • Overactivity / Underactivity cycle
  • Fear avoidance cycle
14.50 Break
  • Questioning techniques with practical
  • Homework task
17.00 Close
Time Course Content
8.55am Welcome Back
  • Review of Day 1 - Questions
  • Vignette: Stage 1 Identifying thoughts, feelings, behaviours N.B Vignette chosen by attendees according to clinical area working within – exercise in pairs practising skills
  • Vignette: Stage 2 Identifying the vicious cycle
  • Methods to break vicious cycles; 1) Role of reassurance
10.30 Break
  • 2) Use of health education (Including practical demonstration of how to explain pain to patients)
  • 3) General self management skills; Motivating through goal setting and Baseline setting
12.30 Lunch
  • Pacing (how to and practicalities)
  • Relaxation
  • 4) Basic graded exposure
14.50 Break
  • 5) Basic behavioural experiments
  • Vignette; Stage 3 Explaining the vicious cycle to the patient
  • Vignette; Stage 4 Working out how to break the vicious cycle with the patient
  • How to continue with skills develiopment post course
  • Group feedback / Questions
16.30 Close


Intermediate skills

Courses in this section are suitable for health professionals that have already undergone some introductory CB training and are looking to further develop some CB skills.

Refining questioning skills in clinical practice - 1 day course

Programme to follow.

Behavioural experiments in clinical practice – 1 day course

Programme to follow.

Please contact me for further details on these courses.

Fixed price/In-house training

 I am often contacted to provide 'in-house' training where the host venue takes on the responsibility of running the course in return for a fixed price for my lecturing time and course materials.This option is usually the most cost effective for a site where there are 10 or more people that would like training. Maximum numbers on a course vary between 16-20 attendees depending on the level of experience. Venue requirements for running this course are a large teaching room with natural light, projection facilities, and a flipchart. Costs are typically between £2000 - £2300.If you are interested in this option then please contact me and I will send you more details.


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