What is CBT?
So is CBA the same as CBT?
But I’m a physio / dietician / O.T, how can this apply to my practice?
I’m not sure it’s my role to do psychological techniques?
What if I try it with a patient and get stuck?
My brother / neighbour / friend-of-a-friend needs a CBT therapist, where do I find one?




Why should I learn CB skills?
Are there any baseline requirements to go on the course?
How often do you run courses?
Will you come to my department and deliver a course?
What days will you deliver courses?
What facilities do we need to run a course and how much will it cost?
I’m inspired after your course and would like to do more training. Where do I go?
Are there any books/resources you would recommend?
I’m a physio. Would my time be better spent on an acupuncture / taping / manual therapy course?