Review of course feedback

Here is the feedback from the last course, Hoylake in 2014. Professionals from a variety of backgrounds with the course set in the Holiday Inn Express in Hoylake. Unfortunately the room only had ‘mood lighting’(!) and the catering was a carb junkie’s paradise. I couldn’t look at cakes for at least 2 hours afterwards. Going to shift to an education centre for the next one. Great group, thanks for all the fantastic feedback.


Comments (unadulterated) from feedback sheets


I really enjoyed this course; it really provoked me into thinking about how I speak to patients and practical ways in which I can apply these techniques within my scope of practice. I absolutely loved it Zara! And it was so incredibly useful and enjoyable. Also I met some lovely people. Room sometimes cool. A bit noisy with staff in and out. Absolutely loved it – brilliant. Please come and work for us! Be our ESP!!! *(next to a 4 rating for catering)Fab – but not enough greens! Great course – very approachable tutor More practice but think would need another day! Very good course – thoroughly enjoyed it! Only issue was poor lighting day 2 – making my eyes sore. Thought it was fantastic being held at a holiday inn, made travel and finding accommodation less stressful and very easy.


Not sure about the venue, noisy, dark room, table positions to view screen – sore neck! Either too hot or cold. Fab course, really enjoyed the 2 days and I’ve learned so much. Very useful and thought provoking – looking forward to trying out all the techniques Catering was great but too much – wasteful. Very useful course info, well presented and will be user friendly with practice! Excellent 2 days. Learnt lots of useful techniques both for work and everyday life. Inspired my interest in further psychological approaches to therapy and possible changes to future career path. Very good course. Very approachable. Techniques / information very relevant to everyday practice. Very interesting and thought provoking. Keen to practice in my setting. Thank you.



"Thank you so much for a great course. It was great to hear how you worded ‘stuff’ to get the pt to think and to challenge their thoughts and beliefs. I think it certainly challenged all of us on the course!"
"The CBT course was so useful and so interesting – I have an MS patient who reports LL weakness when out shopping and the new tools have lead me to discover that rather than fatigue or muscle tone being the cause it’s a fear of automatic doors crushing her that is causing her to panic and need to sit down. Sorted with a chat about how the doors work and a walk round to ASDA to block the doorways for 10 mins! So thank you!"
<span>took course xyz</span>
"Many thanks for a fantastic course, I learnt a lot of practical information that I am really keen to try. Have already used the ‘pain pie’ which the pateitn seemed to understand! I am wondering if you could email through some vignettes. Many Thanks."
Linda took course xyz
<span>Oxford xyz</span>
"A belated message to you to thank you for a brilliant course the other week in Oxford. Throughout all my training I have rarely been to such a well organized, engaging presentation - it's amazing how even after such long days you don't feel tired if you enjoy something! Given that I've just qualified I feel that it was a perfect course for me to attend prior to embarking on my career as a physio, and I am keen to start working with people with a good awareness of how CBT skills can be used. Many thanks again and please continue to offer such a valuable course to people!"
Bethan Oxford xyz
"I write to thank you for a really enjoyable and hugely interesting course at the weekend. I thought the way you presented was great- I liked all the anecdotes that made it relevant to our current environments and all the visual imagery/explanations too. The little vignettes were also really useful. Thank you."
"Hi Zara. Just wanted to add a personal thanks for such an inspiring course over the last two days. Psychology and the influence of the mind has always been a very personal and close interest experience for me and being able to apply it both on professional and personal level is such an exciting concept now you have given me such excellent guidance."
James from...
"For a number of years I have felt frustrated at the gap in my knowledge when faced with a challenging chronic pain patient.  It was reassuring to learn that I was on the right lines, but, more importantly your course provided me with a whole wealth skills to apply when treating these patients and generally in my every day practice.  There are certain aspects that I will use with all my patients and as a Mckenzie therapist feel the two approaches will compliment each other. In fact I have already changed my clinical practice and set the ball rolling with my first new patient on Monday who was a young soldier with chronic neck pain, in a cycle of fear avoidance. I have strongly recommended your course to my colleagues (in fact I think they are a bit bored of me harping on about it) and feel all physios should get at least this level of training."
Rachel Chattle
"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for an excellent course on Fri/Sat. I really enjoyed your teaching style and feel very well informed around the CB approach in physio practice. As previously mentioned, I'm working with physios that use this sort of approach in the management of back/spine problems and it is yielding fantastic results, so this course helped give me a proper insight into how this works in detail. It strikes me that the CB approach has fantastic applications to life as well as to clinical practice - I thinking all the way home about how I could apply it to all sorts of things!"
Mark Sharpe from...
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"Today I had a patient return for a review of her back pain for possible inclusion in the back class. I hadn’t seen her before, she told me "I don’t want to end up in a wheelchair” “ I feel like my back will collapse” “ I don’t go abroad anymore-I couldn’t lift a suitcase!” Prime for some graded exposure and thought challenging. I discharged her – only joking! Thanks again for a great course for a great course"
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