There is a wealth of fascinating and useful information out there...

here’s some of my favourite bits and bobs....

CBT/Psychological stuff


Documents / Web pages

What is CBT? Article written for health professionals by the lead organisation for CBT – The British Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapies (BABCP)

Nice patient summary of what is CBT written by NHS choices: or another one written by the BABCP

Great info sheet on insomnia written for patients by Dr Evans. As we know, there is a big overlap between long-term health conditions, pain, and insomnia

Free CBT online resource for people with depression

Free CBT online resource for people distressed due to a variety of reasons

Find a CBT therapist:



Mind Over Mood – Dennis Greenberger & Christine Padesky 1995 Guilford Press. A bit of a CBT ‘bible’. A self-help manual that is suitable for pretty much anyone with psychological/emotional distress.

The ‘Overcoming series’ are excellent CB self help books written on a range of conditions including: Overcoming depression, Overcoming Insomnia and Sleep Problems, Overcoming Chronic Fatigue, Overcoming Pain and booklets including Introduction to Coping with: Health Anxiety, Panic, Phobias. See

Cognitive Therapy – Basics and Beyond; 2nd Ed, Judith Beck 2011 Guilford Press. This is a generic book that is helpful for honing cognitive restructuring skills.

The competence of physiotherapists to deliver a cognitive behavioural approach for low back pain – click here for a link to my outstanding thesis, ahem.



Psychological interventions in physiotherapy. This podcast is one of the excellent ‘Physio Matters Podcast’s. Maybe I like it because I get a mention…. See


Pain stuff

Web pages

Pain toolkit – a whole heap of useful information on pain management written for patients

More patient information in pain, in different languages, from

Physiotherapy Pain Association – for on-going CPD and like-minded individuals. Keep a look out for the Happy Friday Links.



Aches and Pains – Louis Gifford 2014. A series of three books that every physio should read, written by the incredible man that started and inspired my journey into pain management, CBT, and teaching.

Painful Yarns - Metaphors and Stories to help understand the biology of Pain. Lorimer Moselely 2007. A little book with hilarious ‘yarns’.

See the above section for Overcoming Pain, a CB self-help book.



Understanding pain in less than 5 minutes and what to do about it

Some great animated patient education videos by Dr Evans, including ones on Low Back pain and Opiods

Here’s a video of Lorimer Moseley speaking about how pain is an output of the brain. He’s a very clever physio from Australia.

Patient education booklets

Understanding Persistent Pain - This is an excellent pain education booklet written by health professionals in Southern Tasmania.